Trail Report 1-6-24

1-6-24 EAST GRAND SNOWMOBILE CLUB TRAIL REPORT. Old man winter is late in showing up again and we are busy cleaning up after a big wind and rain storm this past December. Many volunteers have chipped in with the cleaning of downed and leaning trees in the trails. Dave have the signing about 90% completed. If you can help us with trail cleanup, remember to clear for the size of our groomer…12′ overhead, and 12′ up the sides of the trails especially those alders and leaning gray birch that get in the way of the groomer windshields and cabs which can break windows, cab lights and clean off mirrors. Be sure to join our club if you haven’t already as every bit helps. We’ll begin to update on a weekly basis on this location as well as our Facebook Page. Thanks again for your support!