Trail Report

3-14-23 EAST GRAND SNOWMOBILE CLUB TRAIL REPORT). Groomed trails on roads have a deep base, are flat and hard while trails in wooded sections are thin in places as well as some corners. Watch out for the occasional waterhole, nothing so major that you can’t pass over with ease. We’re keeping a good eye on the incoming snow (4″-9″) that is arriving tonight through Wednesday and we hope to get out and groom the trails for  this weekend, we’ll keep you posted.  We’re up to 115 members, the most ever and we’ve ever had and we appreciate the support!  Family memberships are only $35 ($20 with an MSA number).  You can JOIN HERE or make a DONATION  here and thank you for your support.

2022-23 Local Trail Map

TRAILS TO OUR SOUTH:  Quad Country Snowmobile Club

TRAILS TO OUR NORTH:  Linneus Snow Sports

TRAILS TO OUR WEST: Eastern Maine Snow Riders, See updates on their Facebook Page or send them a message on the same. 

GPS Trailmasters Interactive Snowmobile Map 

100 MILE LOOP: We encourage you to  check with all four clubs on trail conditions before going. The only gas is in Danforth on ITS 105 Map with Description