East Grand Snowmobile Club Update 1-8-22

(1-14-22) All of trail 105 north and south of Danforth cleared of blow downs and signed. Deep ruts just south of town will need about a foot of snow before we can groom and we advise waiting until we are able to groom them or you’ll experience a rough ride! Caution, logging is taking place on the Kimble Farm Road (105), just off Route 1 in Weston and for about 2 miles. they should be done be the end of next week. The Chadwick Point Road from two mile turn and north for about 2 miles will be plowed and logging activity taking place on that stretch this winter. Some logging is taken place on the Blaine Williams property and just behind the East Grand School. Caution, a cable is up on a the school property, sleds can get around but we are waiting for the school to remove so we can get the groomer through that part of 105 when we are ready to groom. We have yet to complete signing on local trail 1 behind the Weston town office to the Butterflied Landing Road so not sure about blown downs on that stretch of woods closest to the Butterfield Landing Road. The east side of Sucker Lake, trail 7, has been signed, a few sections have not been checked for blow downs. We do what we can but we all have jobs and are few in number. As always, we can use volunteers to go remove blow downs and remove overhanging brush on the trails. Contact Troy or Ryan if you can help. We’ll update trail conditions often and let you know when we begin grooming.

(1-8-22) The delay of snow has allowed us to get much needed work done. Josh and Ryan completed installing a brush cutter on the Bombardier drag, we’ve removed blow downs and signed 105 south of Danforth and north of Danforth 2 miles up the trail of where the trail crosses over route 1 in Weston.  Trail 7 loop trail has been signed and while the section on the east side of Sucker lake needs to be checked for blow downs, everything else is fine. This morning we put a crane matt back in place over a stream  on 105 south of Danforth. Next week and before our first good snowfall, we plan on checking for blow downs, signing, including signing the reroute south of the powerline and north of the bridge over Scagrock Stream (east of and around the end of the plowed road that has a year around residence on it). New trailhead signs have been put up at the end of 105S, Boulder and Wichita Brook Roads. We always welcome volunteers that would take it upon themselves to head north with their snowmobile or tracked side by side with a chain saw removing anything in the trail that would prevent a groomer or snow sled from getting through. Another section to check for trees across the trail  would be the east side of Sucker Lake from the Boulder Road north.  Call Troy or Ryan if you are willing to help. See contact info at bottom of the webpage and thank you in advance for your help!