East Grand Snowmobile Club Latest News

(4-29-22 Update) the 2021-22 season has come and gone and was way too short for our liking. Lack of snow played into it with grooming taking place mid January to the middle of February. While the trails remained open longer then that, we just didn’t receive the snowfall to keep grooming. We did accomplish completing our first ever website, double our membership from the previous year, and placed new welcoming signs with QR codes at our trailheads and other key areas along the trail were folks could log onto the website for the latest trail conditions, make a donation and gain information on lodging, fuel & meals. Ryan & Josh put many hours into upgrading and installing a new brush cutter while Troy tackled electrical issues with our John Deere. Looking ahead to the 2022-23 season identifying some of the bigger needs include how to more efficiently remove brush from the trail while only having a handful of volunteers to do the work. We’ll discuss fixed cutter blades with very sharp cutter plates that can remove whips and smaller branches the hang out in the trail interfering with sledders. Work needs to be done on 105 south of town with a small bridge over a stream as well as bush hogging in the fall. Josh Jones has proven himself as a groomer operator and passed the online quiz receiving his certification as a groomer operator. Josh was a candidate for groomer operator because of his commitment to working on the groomer drag (welding) & his willingness to get out to sign and brush trails. We welcome others to get involved with the 2022-23 season and thank you all for your support! THINK SNOW in 2023!