East Grand Snowmobile Club

(11-16-21) We’re busy this fall and early winter preparing for the upcoming 2021-22 snowmobile season. Shortly you’ll be able to join our club online and make donations using pay pal, a credit or debit card. We’ve ordered new custom signage for our trail heads, off the Boulder and Wichta Brook Roads, the Millyard (gas and food) and at the trail intersection (105 & local trail 1) in the field behind the Weston Town office.  Signs have QR codes so you can scan your phone’s camera to get the latest trail conditions, find local services, join or make a donation. Our John Deere tractor has just had major repairs completed and will be ready for use this upcoming season. Josh Jones is spearheading fabricating and adding a brush cutter bar to our Bombardier tractor and drag to be used for light brush cutting off to the sides of the trails. With wood being harvested south of the bridge over Scagrock Brook (105), the bridge over Scagrock Brook will receive much needed repairs. Harvesting should be completed before January. A new trail reroute by passes a year around resident near the end of the plowed Scagrock Brook Road. If you’re north bound you’ll cross over Scagrock Brook and in a short distance, the new trail will be off to your right rejoining the existing trail well south of the powerline. If you’re south bound, after leaving the powerline and in about 1.5 miles, the new trail reroute will be off to your left. Matthew Apgar has been hired to bush hog and has completed trail 105S and some fields in Weston. There is a logging operation taking place on trail 105 closer to Danforth on the Two Mile Turn and Chadwick Point Roads,  we’ll keep you updated on these woods operations and other happenings as the season approaches. Concerning trail 105 when travelling through in town Danforth north and south, in the past, a 1/2 mile of tar was necessary to ride over when traveling south through Danforth on your way to Springfield or north through town when coming from the Springfield direction. Back in 2018, we rerouted the trail so that 1/2 mile section in town has been reduced to less then 200 yards over 3 sections. A great improvement over the past.